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Many festivals and events offer a sampling of the Delta lifestyle such as in the small agriculturally surrounded riverfront town of Courtland, situated on the east side of the Sacramento River and known for its annual summer Pear Fair.  Pears are proudly featured in pies, jams, juices, chutneys, and even sausage!  A Pear Queen and her Court are honored, a small town parade is celebrated while local bands play music throughout the day for everyone's enjoyment.  A very fun event!


Just a short mile away you will discover Locke, known as "America's last rural Chinese town" founded in 1915.  Just off of River Road, faded originally built storefronts entice a closer look at this unique haven for quirky artists and history lovers.   The Locke Boarding House was once home to agricultural workers which is now open for visitors with many interesting photos that display what the town looked like in its heyday.  Locke's children studied the language in the Chinese School until the 1980s.  Visit the Memorial Park and Monument dedicated to the Chinese-American workers who helped build the railroad and work in the agriculture fields. At one time there was a permanent population of about 600 plus seasonal farm labor of additional 1,000.  It boasted four restaurants, a half dozen markets, dry goods stores, five brothels, a post office, several canneries, a flour mill, speakeasies during Prohibition and five gambling houses. The Dai Loy Museum is housed in an old gambling hall that was shut down by the state in the 1950's.   Locke is the legacy of the extraordinary efforts made by the Chinese in developing agriculture in California.

Restaurants & Bars

Al's the Wop's Saloon & Restaurant

Locke Garden Restaurant

Moon Cafe & Art Gallery









Farm Stands

Steamboat Landing / Steamboat Acres

Wine Tasting














Ning Hou's Art Gallery

Moon Cafe & Art Gallery

The Shack

The River Road Art Gallery

Locke Art Center

Locke Chinese School

Locke Memorial Park & Monument

Star Theater

The Dai Loy Gambling House

The Jan Ling Benevolent Society

Foon Hops/Dollie House Shop


Chinese Cultural Shop

Locke Chinese Medicine

Locke Grocery

Moon Cafe & Art Gallery

Strange Cargo Art & Collectibles

Foon Hops/Dollie House Shop






Church Services

Courtland Community Church

St. Anthony's Catholic Church

Walnut Grove Buddhist Church

Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church