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Walnnut Grove

One of the agriculturally based villages you will enjoy along the Sacramento River is the town of Walnut Grove.  It's a favorite riverfront stop to enjoy good eats including some of the best ice cream you've ever tasted or an opportunity to choose fresh produce from a locally grown organic farm stand. The City Dock invites visitors by water to enjoy River Road. Peruse the charming art galleries, particularly the unique ironwork art, and a variety of gift shops.  Stop in for a tour of the local historic bath house just a block off River Road.


Ryde was established in 1891 when W. W. Kessner purchased 40 acres on Grand Island and built a small hotel on it.  One of the nearby landowners who was from the Isle of Wight suggested the name, Ryde.  During Prohibition it was a Speakeasy with a secret tunnel that led to a bordello. Tours are still given to its guests. The Mob managed the Hotel for a period of time.  Many celebrities and guests have spent time at the Ryde such as...Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor.  Louis Armstrong played here!  The Rock and Roll party continued into the 1980's with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and The Doors.  The Art Deco style 32 room Hotel serves a lovely Sunday brunch and includes a nice guest dock and cute 9-hole golf course.